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    1. Read the following true story and see if you can do the tasks. Answers can be found by clicking here.

    How did he manage that?

    My friend Emma teaches at an inner city school. The pupils have little or no contact with animals so the teachers arranged a trip to the zoo for almost all the younger ones.  One little boy, Joss, was absolutely overwhelmed by the remarkable sight of the penguins in their pool. Suddenly there he was, swimming with them in their especially cold water. The keepers rescued Joss and the teachers put dry clothes on him. When it was time to take the coach home, Joss seemed surprisingly happy to leave the zoo. They soon found out it was because he had a penguin in his bag. How did he manage that?


    1. Can you find two proper nouns?
    2. Can you find 3 adverbs?
    3. Can you find 3 irregular past tenses?
    4. What is the longest adjective in the story?
    5. Can you find the hidden words in the coloured parts of the text? Here is an example: GATE for me! The mystery word is ‘form’. What parts of speech are the hidden words? Answers can be found by clicking here.


    1. Many people think there is no such thing as good British cuisine. But there is a lot of food and drink the British can be proud of. Find 12 in the wordsearch below. Recipes for many of them will appear in GATE news over the coming month

    F I S H A N D C H I P S
    E C U S T A R D B A N M
    E I G G I T E A A R B A
    B C E T N P K A C A P R
    T R I F L E A D O F R M
    S A D T O S C O N E S A
    A T O O S E E F I S T L
    O E K P E U G C O L D A
    R A M T B A N G E R S D
    O L D O T H O S T E R E
    A D K H N M P B I T T E
    S M O K E D S A L M O N

    2. Did you know you can go from HERE to the MOON in 4 steps? GATE can show you how.
    Here it is:

    H E R E
    M E R E
    M O R E
    M O R N
    M O O N

    Now see if you can turn WORK into a GAME IN 5 STEPS. Don’t worry. GATE can show you how by clicking here.

    W O R K
    G A M E


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