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“Enabling people to access the world”

GATE COLLEGE was established in 2006 in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. It comprises of a team of highly experienced and qualified teachers and trainers, who have worked in EFL for many years, both at home and abroad.

We provide English language lessons online for non-native speaker individuals, businesses or organisations to develop their English skills in a flexible and convenient way. This is done on an individual basis or in small groups and tailored to the students' needs in a virtual classroom environment. We also provide practical and task oriented assistance relevant to everyday life and work.

We additionally offer ongoing professional support to teachers (including schools and colleges) who feel the need for further development and encouragement, wherever they may be. We assist them to increase their confidence, therefore making their lessons more effective and enjoyable. This is achieved through the provision of support, workshops and short courses.

In order to make a fairer world, everyone needs access to key resources. From our experience in international business & education, it is clear that knowledge of the English language is one of these essential skills in the modern world. We are therefore proud that GATE directly contributes to this process.

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