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Accommodation Pricing & Payment


You will be staying with a family nearby or within a bus route .They provide breakfast and supper during the week and full board at weekends (breakfast /lunch /supper).They will help you with the laundry (there may be a small extra charge).

Price/per week
Price/per week
Shared room with shared bathroom

Half board

£110 £130
Single room
shared bathroom
Half board £125 £140
Double room
shared bath room
Half board £130 £140
with own bathroom
Half board £220 £245

There is an additional fee of £25 charge for the booking of accommodation.



Self catering
You will have your own room and need to arrange for your own food and cleaning etc. This option is available to adults only (18+) or juniors with parents or  group leaders .

Note : If you choose this option you will be less likely to  have regular contact with  English speaking  people.

Price/per week
Price/per week
2 bedroom flat

Sleeps up to
4 people

£320 £400
4-5 bedroom

Sleeps up to
5-8 people

  • There is an additional fee of £25 charge for the booking of accommodation
  • There is also a deposit required ( normally one month’s rent) and paid back in full at the end of tenancy unless damage is made to the furniture or equipment .   

Bed& Breakfast
 There are some guest houses /private houses available nearby where you will have a choice of single or double bedroom and breakfast is included in the price .You do not need to clean the room and the bed is regularly changed by staff. You may have to pay separately for laundry. This option is available to adults only (18+) or juniors with parents .

The prices are from £25 per night. The College can arrange this for you .Please contact us if you prefer to stay in a B&B. (There may be some cheaper B&Bs depending on location and time of the year)

Hotel .
There are over 100 hotels in the Bournemouth area and some are nearby. Please contact us if you require help to book a hotel which is suitable for you. This option is available to adults only(18+)  or juniors with parents .

You may check hotels in the Bournemouth town centre, East Cliff,
Meyrick park, Dean Park  area . These are near or a short bus trip to the College.


Payment terms

The cost of accommodation should be paid at the time of booking the course unless it is agreed to pay at the time of arrival.

The payment should be paid by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer) to the GATE College bank account as stated in the invoice or the offer.

If a deposit is required for self catering accommodation, please check the terms and conditions for getting back the deposit. Some or all of the deposit will not be paid back if the accommodation is left unclean or any damage is made to the furniture /equipment.

If you book your accommodation directly, then you need to check with your

host/agent or the hotel, who will tell you how to pay.


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