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EFL Teacher Support



GATE provides guidance and assistance in an informal, constructive and flexible environment through the teachers’ support centre and regular workshops.

The online support service provides teachers with the opportunity to discuss queries related to lessons, with an experienced, well qualified EFL teacher. You may, for example, want to check a particular point of grammar, get ideas for activities or have help with lesson planning. You may want to reflect on your teaching or, if you are preparing to start a teacher training course, you may want to talk through subjects that you have been studying yourself

This service can be accessed for our members via skype .

How to access the support on-line:

  • E-Mail your queries
  • Meet face to face

Once you have enrolled for this service you will be sent the details of how to reach us within the scheduled times.


Membership entitlement:

    • Support for duration of membership
    • Reduction for courses and workshops
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