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These are questions about a typical British Christmas. It is a peculiar mixture of religion, tradition, and materialism. Look up any words you don't know. They are probably connected with a British Christmas.

We send lots of Christmas cards to friends and relatives.

1. What bird is usually on Christmas cards?
a) eagle
b) swan
c) robin

2. What traditionally makes a snowman's nose?
a) a carrot
b) a piece of coal
c) a pipe

3. Why do many people send charity Christmas cards?
a) to help poor people
b) as a sign of special love
c) because they are cheaper

Here are some questions about Christmas traditions.

4. What should you do when you stand under a branch of mistletoe?
a) clap your hands
b) kiss someone
c) take your shoes off

5. Why do children come to your house and sing Christmas songs (carols)?
a) for money
b)for sweets
c) for kisses

6. Why do families go to the theatre at Christmas time?
a) to watch a ballet
b) to see a pantomime
c) to listen to a concert

7. Who brings presents for children and puts them in the child's stocking?
a) Father Christmas
b) Rudolph Reindeer
c) the Christmas Fairy

8. What do people hang decorations on?
a) their dogs
b) themselves
c) a tree

Food is very important at Christmas. Here are some questions about food at Christmas.

9. Which vegetable is usually served on Christmas Day?
a) carrots
b) sprouts
c) baked beans

10.What is often served with turkey at Christmas?
a) brandy butter
b) cranberry sauce
c) baked apple

11. What is often served with Christmas pudding?
a) brandy butter
b) cranberry sauce
c) baked apple

12. What is inside mince pies nowadays?
a) meat
b) potatoes
c) fruit


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