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This month we're concentrating on Travel. The puzzle consists of useful words if you want to hire a car and drive in an English-speaking country. The word down this time is what we call the front window in a car.


  1. You use these to see when it rains.
  2. You check this to find out if the car has enough oil.
  3. This is how you start the car.
  4. You do this when you have started the engine.
  5. A car has 4 of these, one on each wheel.
  6. If you hire an automatic, your car does not have one of these.
  7. You have to change this when you want to go forwards or backwards.
  8. Use this when you want to stop!
  9. You have to know where this is and how to open it when you want to put fuel in your car (two words)
  10. Lift this up at the front of your car when you want to look at the engine.






































































































































Can you think of a country for every letter in the English alphabet eg A = Austria or Australia ; B = Brazil or Bahrain . There is no country beginning with X so leave that one out!




Scones are traditionally eaten at teatime (about 4pm). The best way to eat them is to cut them in half and put butter, strawberry jam, and fresh whipped cream (or clotted cream) on it before you eat it. Believe it or not, they taste even better if you have a cup of tea (English style, of course) with them.


To make scones, you need

225gm self-raising flour (or220gm flour with 5gm baking powder added)

40 gm butter or margarine at room temperature

150ml milk

10gm sugar

A pinch of salt


Rub the butter into the flour. Add the sugar and salt. Mix it into a soft dough using the milk and stirring with a knife. Shape the dough into circles about 2cm deep and 5cm across. Dust these with flour and then bake them on a greased baking tray in a hot oven (220*C) for 12-15 minutes. Eat them when they are very fresh.


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